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Envisioned by entrepreneur, professor and author R. Michael Rose, the Return on Energy® methodology has been developed, implemented and perfected over the  years. With unquestionable success, this easy-to-understand tool has been applied in thousands of interactions with people at every career stage.

This powerful, but fun and light-hearted speech can be delivered in a 30-90 minutes. The basic elements of ROE® are covered, the Way One, Two and Three Ways of thinking and communicating and how they are positioned within the organization. My objective with this speech is to create awareness and bring clarity and insight to professional and organizational development (vision, strategy, tactics, leaders, managers, front line, taking ideas to action, employee engagement).

Can you identify what is really going on in the background of your conversations?

Or do you chalk it up to “we just can’t connect”?

We address wearing all the hats and sitting in all the seats. This introduction to ROE is so powerful that people pick up the ROE lingo immediately which makes for a very informative and, “ahh, why did I not think of that!” moments. – Guaranteed

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Examples of speaking programs topics:

  • Employee Engagement, Entrepreneurship
  • Sales, (Inbound) Marketing and HR Seminars
  • Interactive 4hr, 1 day & 2 day Workshops

Michael’s most requested programs include:

  • ROE® Foundational 60-90 min seminar
  • Employee Engagement – Learn how to get everyone, I mean everyone, on the same page
  • Sales – Be a true trusted advisor
  • Human Resources – Lean a simple and profound Way to navigate the interview process
  • Inbound Marketing – Top 10 Things CEOs Must Know About Their Websites
  • Leadership – Micro-management is a thing of the past, Micro-mentorship is the new management
  • ROE Workshop (4hr & 8hr) Hands-on participant involvement

Your information really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. My role on teams. My focus going forward and even the cause of past frustrations.”

I loved the presentation and the information in it was helpful, but now I want to learn more :)”

Mike’s ideas completely revolutionized the way I approach managing employees as well as volunteers. Grateful for his contribution to thought leadership.”

Mike was able to quickly and clearly communicate the complex interactions between Ways 1, 2, & 3. Really whetted the appetite for more!

The ROE concept really does a great job of exposing and breaking down the reasons why there is miscommunication in the workplace. Once the reasons are understood, vision, strategy, and tactics can work in harmony.

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