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Return on Energy®is a powerful new methodology developed to get the right people into the right seats and maximize your return on investment. Three distinct roles compose any successful organization, and those roes are determined by “Ways” of thinking and communicating: Way One, the visionary; Way Two the strategist; and Way Three, the tactician. If this seems like it’s over-simplified or self-evident, stick around.

Most people think they see and understand how these roles fit into the bigger picture. But, I have presented ROE to thousands of people over the  years, and I get the ah-ha moment 100% of the time. Sometimes we miss the most obvious things in our quest of unnecessary complexity. Sometimes the self-evident gets buried under so much meadinglless jargon and so many business buzzwords that we don’t see how we’re talking right past each other and not connecting at all.

Envisioned by speaker, author and entrepreneur R. Michael Rose, the Return on Energy® methodology has been developed, implemented and perfected over many years of real world application. With unquestionable success. This easy-to-understand tool has been applied in thousands of interactions with people at every career stage. Even my 11 year old daughter uses it all the time. I can’t wait to share it with you!  Read what others have said.


ROE Training

Lean what employees crave in order to commit to a team objective! Better Communication!

Arm yourself with a methodology to provide your team with must have tools and resources for personal growth and increased business results to build a successful work environment.

The Return On Energy®, Inc. high impact work shop program featuring the proprietary ROE Powers ROITM Methodology will provide you the awareness and clarity to impact and educate your team of high performers.

Led by R. Michael Rose, founder of Return On Energy®, Inc., inventor of the successful ROETM Methodology and author of ROE Powers ROITM, The ultimate way to communicate for ridiculous results.

Studies have shown that engaged employees are more productive employees. They are more profitable, more customer-focused, safer, and more likely to withstand temptations to leave the organization.

Equip yourself and your company with a powerful business communications tool to manage a highly successful team to produce ridiculous results NOW.

The ROE Workshops are  designed for leaders and managers who value mentoring their teams through personal development to achieve maximum business results. Read Micro-manage or Micro-mentor?

Key Topics

  • Communication: Most effective way to communicate to your team and how your team can communicate with you in a way that connects to your desired results. Have a one-page business communications tool that anyone – in any seat – can effectively use.
  • Collaboration: Your team needs an outline to collaborate effectively for brainstorming and idea-bouncing. Balance what is best for the company, team and individuals.
  • Personal Development: “Front Line” employees to understand their role in impacting business results and clarity as to how they fit into the bigger picture. Take charge of personal development to drive subject matter expertise in their roles. Your own personal development to have more impact as a leader and manager.
  • Teamwork: Build a team who assists with strategy development and not just going through the motions of implementation without knowing “why.”
  • Engagement: Learn the stages that lead to quality employee engagement to achieve higher ROI. Show each person on a team adds value to the organization. Build strong, high value relationships with your employees.
  • Innovation: Develop best practices for innovation within the company and improve overall organizational effectiveness.
  • Best Practices: Out-of-the-box methodology for client engagement.
  • Strategy: Division managers to collectively align strategic plans to accomplish a vision.
  • Low Bandwidth: Build out effective, efficient and a winning plan to get a team engaged quickly.
  • Confirm: You have the right people in the right seats. It’s easier than you think!

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Imagine investing  your time in a workshop that could actually provide you with a communications tool and a best practices methodology that drives business results immediately. Imagine also if what you learned was easily transferable to anyone on your team or in your company?

We know that when it comes to leading and managing people, it is imperative that the right people are sitting in the right seats. But they must also be thinking and communicating the right Way. Only then can they deliver their desired results and connect other members of the team to their results as well. That’s why the ROETM Methodology was created.

What you will learn…

Each step of the ROETM Workshop program is designed to encourage you to see something that has been in front of you this entire time, to assess yourself and those around you in a fun and engaging Way. Each step of the curriculum has been designed and tested by seasoned professionals in the areas of enterprise learning and talent development.

  • The power of the ROETM infographic as a one-page communications tool to be used by anyone sitting in any seat in the company
  • How each person in your organization fits in to the bigger picture
  • A new operational organizational chart to build a strong team all tied to business results
  • How the ROE GapTM can push or pull your company forward or be holding you back
  • How the ROE LoopTM works to tie even the mundane tasks to business results
  • How to connect the right person to the right results…that goes for your customers too!

Our commitment is the effectiveness of the ROE Powers ROITM methodology on your bottom line! The holy grail of enterprise training is impacting the right behavior to positively impact ROI. Hear it – forget it, See it – remember it, Do it – understand it.

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