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What makes an organization tick? Can all the parts really work together…harmoniously? How do different people composed of different thinking and communication styles align themselves to common group objectives that benefit the business as a whole?

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“This program takes an abstract concept and solidifies the aspects of business vision, management and execution into digestible and actionable concepts. My hope and confidence is that his knowledge will empower me to implement change with certainty and longevity.” – ROE Consulting Client

STEP #1 – ROEview™ – A no-cost consultation to provide insights into the ROE Coaching and Consulting Program, and explore how ROE® can help your practice. We would then determine the most appropriate engagement for your needs. Fore more information about ROE consulting services please call 972.893.1334 or email us today!

STEP #2 – ROEtreat™ – (3 week process) Conduct an analysis and assessment of your business, and to make suggested improvements in accordance with the ROE methodology. This would be a 2-day immersive session that would include your organization’s key stakeholders, and facilitated by a ROE® Coach/Consultant.

  • Analyze the WAYS of your business, and the gap in (under)performance and (mis)management.
  • Assess the Organizational WAYs and the Individual WAYs that the organization is operating from.
  • Company will receive a written ROEport™ based on the results of the assessment which will include ROEcomendations…which will be debriefed in a structured and facilitated session with the selected team from the client company

   ROEd Map™ – Create the action plan (ROEport) for the organization, complete with the KPIs and accountability              measures (1 day commitment that happens 1 week after the ROEtreat) ROEd Map™ –

  • Goals, Milestones and Objectives that the organization would like to achieve
  • Strategies and tactics

STEP #3 – ROEsults™ Ongoing coaching and consulting to implement the actions and changes/improvements that were identified in the earlier steps of the process.

  • One-to-one coaching + group coaching
  • In-person, phone-based and/or video-based (Skype, Hangout, etc) coaching.


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