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Company Culture and Paternity Leave:

According to a new TODAY survey, 60 percent of dads, who all had at least one child under 18, said paternity leave is a very or extremely important consideration when evaluating a new employer.

And yet, many professional men are wary of taking the leave to be home with their partner and child following a birth. Why the apprehension? Below are some possible reasons:

Lack of resources:

Few businesses are designed to have people away from the office. Most managers don’t properly prepare their direct reports to be able to take time, be it for paternity, maternity or simply a vacation.

If a company is or isn’t stable enough to offer non-paid/paid paternity leave and doesn’t, it may not be about the time or money, but about how the company is designed to operate. For instance, many small businesses do not have the resources to support 12 weeks of leave because they cannot continue to function properly without a key employee for 3 months.

Lack of policy:

A birth doesn’t just happen, and there should be plenty of time to properly plan and work with the dad to take the necessary extended time off to spend with family. Developing this policy is complicated and takes time.

Lack of company culture:

Some companies known for their great workplace culture are very generous with offering paternity leave. Facebook offers new dads four months of paid leave, and Yahoo offers eight weeks. However, paternity leave is just one piece of the puzzle because being a good man is not just about being there for the birth, but also about being there for life events too (baseball games, dance recitals, school functions, etc.)

A lot of men define themselves by their career, but a good company will make employees better at their career, and encourage a work-life balance.




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