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Body Language and Job Interviews

Body language can say a lot about you even when you aren’t saying anything out loud, and that can help or hurt you in the pursuit of that perfect job. In fact, your body language can be as big a factor as your experience.

Below are some body language tips to keep in mind for your next interview:

  • Mirror the body language of your interviewer: For instance, if your interview is sitting up straight and leaning forward, position yourself in the same stance. This action will allow you to more easily connect with the interview, and will open up more possibilities within the interview conversation.
  • Avoid body language that sends the wrong message: Crossing your arms, for example, sends a disinterested vibe, and can say, “I’m bored” without you saying a word.
  • Be conscientious of your reactions: A lot of interviews are not solely in a “sit-down” conversation format. Many interviews involve walking office tours and much more, and as such your interviewer will be watching your reactions to your surroundings and what you have to say.
  • Bring pen and paper to every single meeting: Not only is it best to take notes, and write down any questions you may need to ask later, having a pen and paper can help your body language. Rather than not knowing what to do with your hands or awkwardly fidgeting, actively taking notes is a good alternative.

Body language is really a means to an end. It adds to your first impression, helps you connect, bond, build rapport to open up for questions so ultimately the interviewee can interview the interviewer. Will you be managed by a qualified manager that demonstrates Mentorship or micromanagement. (Link to other blog). What is the companies mission to accomplish the vision? Is that vision aligned to you personal vision? We at Mojo Media Labs have hired too many people with conflicting visions. But fortunately using Return On Energy as our guide as drastically slowed these types of business mistakes.


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