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Micro-manage or Mico-mentor?

In my experience, a micromanager micromanages for three main reasons. First, they were once the subject matter expert on the particular task they now are responsible for managing. The micomanager’s manager must mentor the necessary skills for strategy-management, so the alleged ‘micro’manger can mentor the people performing the tasks. If the ‘micro’manager is mentoring on […]


The precarious economy, declining sales, stunted profits and the overall frustrated state of business demands a new Way of thinking and communicating. In Good to Great, Jim Collins posits that the number one problem of struggling companies is putting the right people in the right seats on the bus. R. Michael Rose realized that it’s not […]

Brown Books CEO Author

Michael Rose ROE Powers ROI @brownbooks A scientist by training, an author by nature, and an entrepreneur by will, Michael Rose drew from his life experiences to create a new communication methodology and ultimately his book, ROE Powers ROI™: The Ultimate Way to Think and Communicate for Ridiculous Results. Michael Rose grew up in a […]

What’s the DNA of your ROI?

“Return on Energy is the energy behind an idea” p.134 “ROE Powers ROI” coming out February 15, 2012 ROE is a simple process to take idea to action regardless of the stage the business is in on the life cycle. It’s idea, plan, action. All ideas have a force behind them, energy that has to […]

Cowboys and Super Bowl XLVI

**Excerpt from ROE powers ROI** Available February 2012. Leaders will align the vision with strategy, and leaders should understand if you take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves. Way Ones understand that, aside from leadership, the budding Way One has to understand organizational behavior and then step outside […]

SMART Plans – The tranquilizer dart of business

Do you ever feel like shooting the CEO with a tranquilizer dart? To say we need a plan is like saying we need revenue. What we imply when we say we need revenue is PROFITABLE revenue. Your ideas and your business objectives need SMART plans. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-driven, Time-bound plans. Way Twos walk the […]

Listening to WBOC?

Did you know that all your employees are tuned in and listening to WBOC? Are you? It’s a great station, you should check it out! More about WBOC in a minute, but did you know that employee engagement is one of the number one forces that drive business results? Engaged employees focus more on the […]

ROE @ The US Open

Phil Mickelson boogied a critical hole in last round of the 2011 US Open. According to him in an interview on CNN in July, “because I was looking ahead and not focusing on the immediate task at hand.” According to the difference in scoring between the #1 ranked golfer and #100 is an average […]