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Which Way Do You Think?

“Problem solving or thinking based on the cognitive process of conceptualization; a process of independent analysis in the creative search for new ideas or solutions, which takes as its starting point that none of the constraints of ‘today’s reality’ need necessarily apply to or shape the future. Thus it does not accept received wisdom, the […]

Unlimited Vacation Time?

The billionaire business mogul says the vacation “non-policy” is in effect in his Virgin offices in the U.S. and U.K as mentioned on ABC News. There is no longer such a thing as work-life balance. That is soon to be as antiquated at buggy whips. It’s about work-life integration. Our work and the rest of […]

The Convergence & Balance of; Time, Money and Effort.

Return On Energy® – the convergence & ultimately the balance of; time, money and effort. The Holy Grail of training & speaking is to change behavior as quickly as possible to have a positive impact to the bottom line as quickly as possible. Most theories or business concepts are difficult, time consuming and sometimes not […]

Return On Energy® – An Introduction

Times are tough, but that’s not news. Neither is the fact that the economy is precarious, sales are declining, profits are stunted, people are frustrated, and it’s just a great big mess out there. Being a business owner, consultant, and advisor, I’ve had the advantage of observing both successful and failed businesses and comparing results […]

Guest Blog From Ray White and Wayne Irwin: Happiness in the Workplace

Happy employees enhance the overall performance of an organization.  However, studies show that only 1 in 5 employees (20%)actually report being happy at work.  So that means that approximately 80% of employees are unhappy at work and therefore, negatively impacting the performance of your business.  Companies are now beginning to recognize the changes in employee […]

The Work-Life Expectations of Millennials

A new Survey by SpringHill Suites reveals Millennials are more comfortable lying in order to take a day off than the Generation X or Baby Boomers before them. What does this say about the Millennial generation and the changing workplace culture? There is a shift from a work-life balance mindset to a work-life integration mindset. […]

Business Ideas are not created equal

To think inside or outside the “box” that is the question. Defining your “business box” could save your business. The capacity to create a business idea in an existing business and get someone else to understand that idea is a fascinating human trait. Business ideas, or ideas in general can only come from humans. There is not […]