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The Work-Life Expectations of Millennials

A new Survey by SpringHill Suites reveals Millennials are more comfortable lying in order to take a day off than the Generation X or Baby Boomers before them. What does this say about the Millennial generation and the changing workplace culture? There is a shift from a work-life balance mindset to a work-life integration mindset. […]

Business Ideas are not created equal

To think inside or outside the “box” that is the question. Defining your “business box” could save your business. The capacity to create a business idea in an existing business and get someone else to understand that idea is a fascinating human trait. Business ideas, or ideas in general can only come from humans. There is not […]

Micro-manage or Mico-mentor?

In my experience, a micromanager micromanages for three main reasons. First, they were once the subject matter expert on the particular task they now are responsible for managing. The micomanager’s manager must mentor the necessary skills for strategy-management, so the alleged ‘micro’manger can mentor the people performing the tasks. If the ‘micro’manager is mentoring on […]

The 6-Steps to ROI

Step 1. Way Two People Development. The first desired result of a Way One is People Development. People development consists of mentoring. Mentoring by a Way One consists of developing their direct reports to be effective, qualified Way Twos and maybe even the next great Way One one day. This is a personal result over […]