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Which WAY do you think?

Are you the CVO (Chief Vision Officer) of your company? Do you micromanage or empower your direct reports. Are your business objectives, business results getting accomplished? Do you carry the ‘passion-torch’ throughout the company everyday? Does everyone see the same vision as you? Are you the VP of Vision. Does the CVO constantly run in […]

ROE/ROI = Success

There is so much noise out in the world today. Words fly around so fast, Vision, Strategy, Tactics, Details, Objectives and on and on. It appears that each person has a different translation to these familiar but confusing terms. ROE puts all of this in perspective AND allows you to see where you fit. I […]

ROE Introduction

Return on Energy is a new language, a new method of communicating. Did you ever have one of those days were you did not feel very productive, or a non-productive part to your day, like a meeting? That’s low ROE. Did you ever have one of those days where productivity was at an all time […]

The Communication Delivery Chain

My degree is in Biochemistry, now I know how that sounds, but I actually find it helpful in running a marketing firm implementing marketing campaigns. As a research scientist I worked in an area of pharmaceutical research called Drug Delivery. That’s not delivering drugs to people, but rather how to more effectively deliver a drug […]