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The Cube is an imitation of life itself – or even an improvement on life. – Erno Rubik

I hadn’t intended to write on Return on Energy®. Actually, the moment the ROE® spark went off was a time I was in a lot of pain personally and professionally. I was attempting to solve the pain with a tactic, a brochure for my company — of all things. But I found myself focusing on a much bigger thing than a simple, silly little brochure. It wasn’t just the company’s “why;” it was my “why.”

This is how ROE Powers ROI essentially wrote itself. I wanted to write a book that everyone in the business world would read. I never expected, however, that it would transcend business and have a personal impact, too.

ROE was developed as the secret sauce of my company.

I was developing then testing time and time again until it was a proven theory. I keep stacks and stacks of notes and drawings changing one variable at a time before adding another feature. This is how I began to see patterns in what a certain set of my clients valued most. Ultimately, a new way to communicate with clients to deliver value well beyond products and services was developed.

Each type of thinker has only two desired results. At first the ROE law was disproved — that was until I realized people walk around with the wrong titles all the time. It wasn’t ROE that was misaligned, it was the person’s way of thinking in relation to their job title. Using ROE, it is clear after talking to someone for a short period of time which way they think. They by using the ROE Inforgraphic, or the communication roadmap, you can start delivering value in a big way.

Business is complicated even in the best of times, and we are not in the best of times. ROE de-complicated business for me. I can see things more clearly than ever before.

I love to teach. I love business. I love helping people. People make up businesses, and ideas only come from people. ROE allows me to first focus on helping the person before helping the business.

My parents both died about a year before the publishing of ROE. It would have been special if I could have given them the first two copies. ROE is my art. And I’m very passionate about sharing my art with people who can use it to improve their quality of life.

My passion is to help those who wish to help themselves. ROE just happens to be my platform in which to do that.”

– My ROE, R. Michael Rose