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3 Things About Business You Must Know

Looking at the above logo, most people see ROI first, but upon closer inspection ROE becomes visible.

In business, much like the above logo, we typically look at ROI first. We look at the numbers, and from that perspective it is easy manage and run a business by the numbers. But if you look closer, you can see ROE and run your company differently. If you look at ROE first, ROI will follow.

ROE is the return on the effort or energy we put into our business, which often manifests itself in more time and more money. In the process of seeing ROE first, and not ignoring ROI, but generating ROI by focusing on ROE, you’ll develop a great culture, bottom line, successful business and more.

But how do you get the highest ROE? Often times, as a business owner you sit in multiple seats and fill many roles. Getting the highest ROE means sitting in the right seat and doing the role you are qualified to do and enjoy.

Below are the three Ways that can replace your traditional organizational titles, and help you focus on ROE:

  • Way One:  Leader or Chief Vision Officer will set the business objectives of the company.
  • Way Two: Manager or Vice President of Vision will set the strategic plans, and manage the plans.
  • Way Three: Front Line Person or Vision Coordinator will implement the plans.


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