About Michael

Michael is the founder of Return On Energy, Inc. and the CEO of Rose Group Companies, Inc.. He and his family live in Southlake, Texas and his business office is located in Las Colinas, a suburb of Dallas. He serves on the board of directors of the Small Giants Community, and is a long-standing member of the Entrepreneur Organization.

Michael speaks at conferences, seminars and conducts Return On Energy® Workshops across the country. He is also a guest writer for inc.com, Hubspot and a regular guest on Fox News.

A scientist by training, an author by nature, and an entrepreneur by will, Michael Rose drew from his life experiences to create a new communication methodology and ultimately his book, ROE Powers ROI: The Ultimate Way to Think and Communicate for Ridiculous Results. Read more...

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Return On Energy® – An Introduction

Times are tough, but that’s not news. Neither is the fact that the economy is precarious, sales are declining, profits are stunted, people are frustrated, and it’s just a great big mess out there. Being a business owner, consultant, and advisor, I’ve had the advantage of observing both successful and failed businesses and comparing results […]

Guest Blog From Ray White and Wayne Irwin: Happiness in the Workplace

Happy employees enhance the overall performance of an organization.  However, studies show that only 1 in 5 employees (20%)actually report being happy at work.  So that means that approximately 80% of employees are unhappy at work and therefore, negatively impacting the performance of your business.  Companies are now beginning to recognize the changes in employee […]